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Lyndon Poskitt to take part in Dakar RallyE on Motorex KTM 450 News

On the occasion of the company's centenary next year, MOTOREX is providing rider Lyndon Poskitt with a Motorex KTM 450 Rally for the next Dakar RallyE. He will be competing in the Malle Moto class in which riders have to complete the marathon race without a support crew or service team.
The independent Swiss oil refiner, MOTOREX, is celebrating its centenary next year. It's for this reason that the family business decided to enter a MOTOREX KTM 450 Rally in the toughest race in the world: the Dakar Rallye. The race takes place from the 2nd to 14th of January 2017, leading from Asunción in Paraguay through Bolivia to Buenos Aires in Argentina and covering a distance of over 9,000 kilometres.
The KTM that MOTOREX is sponsoring will be ridden by the 38-year-old Briton Lyndon Poskitt. Having previously taken part in 2013, this will be the second time he undertakes the perilous adventure posed by Dakar, on this occasion in the "Malle Moto" class; this is a class that poses a very special challenge: the riders complete the rally alone, entirely without the support of a crew or team of mechanics. They have to carry out all repairs and maintenance work prior, during and after each daily stage themselves. This is nothing out of the ordinary for former aircraft engineer Lyndon Poskitt because he's been travelling around the world on a modified KTM 690 Rally bike since 2014. As part of this unique project, "Races2Places", he is travelling by himself to over 50 countries on six continents, covering over 160,000 kilometres in the process. And as if that weren't enough: he set himself the added challenge of taking part in local races on his touring bike whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Lyndon Poskitt is presently in Japan and, in keeping with the spirit of "Races2Places", will make the journey to compete in the Dakar Rallye for MOTOREX by his bike: starting in the far north of the American continent no less – from Alaska via Canada and Central America to the starting line in Asunción, Paraguay. When he arrives, though, as a concession to the Dakar rules, he will swap to his new racing bike that will be awaiting him in distinctive MOTOREX green. You can find all the information about Races2Places and his Dakar entry on Lyndon's Blog at